Sponsorship Packages

We encourage sponsorship from businesses to support this event, which is proving most popular, and in return we endeavour to provide valuable recognition by providing advertising opportunities and publicity in various formats whenever possible.

Not only will your contribution benefit local good causes, we also encourage businesses to promote the event to their staff in an effort to get teams together and then raise further monies for the company’s chosen charity or any charity of their choice. This in turn encourages wellbeing with staff, engagement and improvement upon corporate social responsibility.

I would hope therefore that you would be willing to support the event with perhaps a monetary donation or benefit in kind if appropriate.

Sponsorship Packages

Should you be so kind as to sponsor the event, we will offer the following wherever practical:

Sponsorship Options
Logo inclusion and acknowledgement within the website Folkestone Coastal 10K
Logo on all pages throughout site
Further website logo coverage including registration pages and running sites where possible
Logo on T-Shirts
Logo displayed on Pop ups and advertising boards
Logo on social media posts
Publicity at the event over the tannoy
Inclusion within Press Releases
Your advertising gift included in the goody bags (provided to all runners)
Your name on the entry forms, poster and press communications whenever possible
Your logo on the banners at the race/venue which we shall provide (commitment required 3 months prior to event)
Close liaison with the Race Director to provide publicity on Radio/other communications whenever possible
Bronze Plan
Silver Plan
Gold Plan
+ advert or Jingle Provided by You

Do support the event as soon as possible – the sooner you commit your contribution, the more time we have to promote your company prior to the event.

Folkestone Coastal 10K

Any donations should be made payable to ‘Folkestone Coastal 10K’ and sent to the attention of:

Ray Johnson – Folkestone Coastal 10K, Church House 136 Sandgate Road Folkestone CT20 2BY.

We will produce an invoice on request and payment may be made at any time to suit your budget. I look forward to hearing from you in anticipation so that I may progress matters on your behalf.

I hope that you will find this of interest and if you would be so kind as to pledge your willingness to support the event, as always it would be greatly appreciated.

Ray Johnson
support the Folkestone Coastal 10K 2017

If you would like to become a sponsor or if you have any questions please contact the Race Director, Ray Johnson.


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